Criminal Representation and Quick Advice Is Essential In All Cases

If  you are arrested or are suspected of committing a crime act things happen quickly. The police know the rules governing the criminal law process. You don’t.  The police want you to talk. If you make any statements to the police, you have already made a mistake. You need criminal representation as soon as possible.

You have a Constitutional right to remain silent. USE IT!

Our office has experience aggressively defending people in many different types of offenses. We handle drug cases (possession and distribution),  thefts, sexual assaults and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. We are conveniently located directly across from the Attleboro District Court and also appear regularly in courts throughout Bristol and Norfolk counties.

Being arrested, or just being summoned to a Magistrate’s hearing to determine whether criminal process should issue against you, is frightening. If you think you can simply talk your way out of the situation by explaining your side of the story, the likelihood is you can’t.  Initially, you may think your case only may result in fines. However, there are also “collateral consequences” beyond the courtroom which can include the loss of driver’s license privileges, loss of the ability to secure student loans, loss of the ability to obtain or retain a firearm, required registration as a sex offender, interfere with a person’s ability to become a naturalized American citizen or lead to deportation from the United States.  Additionally, your permanent criminal record history will follow you for years and may become available to future employers. Don’t be fooled, most so-called misdemeanor offenses in Massachusetts provide for a possible jail sentence of up to two years!

courthouse2The Constitutions of the United States and Massachusetts, provide everyone charged with criminal law representation by counsel of their choosing, the right to remain silent, the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure by the police and the right a trial by a jury of your peers where the prosecution has to prove you guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  These rights are yours as a citizen and as a person accused of criminal conduct.  These rights, and how to use them, may provide “leverage” to convince the prosecuting attorney to reduce the consequences of your crime by way of a “Plea Bargain.”


Whether you have a case starts out at a Clerk Magistrate’s hearing,  you have been summoned to appear at Court or have been arrested by the police we can help you through the process. Our office has over 37 years of hands-on courtroom experience defending criminal offenses from arraignment through jury trial.

Assault and Battery

These charges do not require serious injury to have occurred. Charges of battery with a deadly weapon do not need to involve a gun or a knife. Common household objects can be consider deadly weapons. Your right to possess a firearm for self-defense may be lost upon conviction. Most charges brought in the District Courts provided for a sentence up to two and one half years. Matters brought in the Superior Court can be significantly longer. Assault and battery cases are defensible if you were defending yourself, another or property.

Sexual Assault

Since charges for a sexual assault can be brought many years after they are alleged to have occurred they require immediate and extensive investigation as. If convicted you will be required to regularly register with state as a “sex offender.” Your name will be published on line or on the wall of your local police station for all the world to see. Many offenses carry long term mandatory minimum jail sentences. Housing options and employment opportunities will be limited. You may be incarcerated for years after you serve your jail sentence if determined to be a “sexually dangerous person.”

Drug Possession and Distribution

Addictions to heroin and opiod drugs are on the rise. Persons who find themselves addicted and get caught with illegal drugs in their possession can face serious jail time with no real opportunity to work on battling their addiction issues. If the person has a significant quantity of illegal drugs at the time of their arrest they may be charged with being a distributor and face harsher penalties then those that possess smaller quantities. Often issues of whether the police violated your Constitutional rights when they searched you, your automobile or your apartment will arise.

Larceny and Theft Offenses

These offenses can range from simple shoplifting to white collar embezzlement. Securing security videos and copies of the documents the prosecutors will use to try and convict you is an important starting point for your defense.

Remember when a crime is called a misdemeanor in Massachusetts it means that you can be sent to jail for two and a half years. It is not necessarily a small fine.

Many seemingly minor convictions can have immigration consequences leading to deportation for non citizens.

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