Law Office of Theodore Koban, Attleboro Massachusetts




Attorney fees are generally on an hourly rate basis with contingency fees [no fee unless successful] when appropriate. An retainer, sufficient to cover the cost of the initial work anticipated, will be required in most situations. Smaller matters may be handled on a flat fee basis. During the initial interview we consider it essential to discuss the clients objectives, set a preliminary outline of strategies that might be used to meet those objectives and the anticipated costs so that each client has a full understanding of the anticipated fees arrangement and costs before work begins. We will try to meet a client’s goals in the least expensive manner possible but it is difficult to determine a final fee at the outset of a case. Novelty of legal issues raised and the degree of opposition will have an effect on the effort need to bring a case to completion. Written hourly fee agreements are required in all cases before legal representation is made. Similarly, contingency fee agreements are required in all accident and disability cases.

Initial half hour consultations for bankruptcy and personal injury matters are at no charge so that cases can be evaluated and matters discussed.

For all other matters there is a charge of $50.00, for case evaluation, payable on the day of conference.

Except for bankruptcy cases, we will accept Master card, VISA card, Discover card and debit cards. Bankruptcy rules prohibit a prospective debtor’s use of credit cards for the payment of attorney’s fees.

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