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Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Personal bankruptcy filing, Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 13 wage earner plans, Saving the Family Home From Foreclosure

Bankruptcy For Quick Debt Relief With Dignity

Bankruptcy is Constitutional right provided to Americans with debts greater than their ability to pay. It stops garnishment and collection actions cold! Persons who file obtain a financial fresh start with dignity.

There are two types of bankruptcy for individuals. In Chapter 7 individuals are forgiven their debts quickly with no loss of property.

In Chapter 13 individuals prepare a “Plan” promising to make set payments over time. Chapter 13  is designed to reduce debt levels over a period of years. Mortgage arrearages, that have occurred as a result of a temporary loss of employment, are cured even if your lender objects. Payments are lower then outside of bankruptcy and interest charges stop. Debt is forgiven at the successful end of the Plan term.

No one type of filing is right for everyone. People with moderate asset holdings prefer Chapter 7. People with high levels of income may have to file Chapter 13.

The majority of bankruptcies we file are Ch 7 but we file Ch 13 if strategically appropriate.

The type of bankruptcy best for you is determined after a free office conference. We review your debts and finances and explain the relief bankruptcy will offer you. Not all situations are the same. The cost of service varies upon the complexity of the case.

Answers to Commonly Asked  Bankruptcy Questions

Will I Lose Everything I Own?

Absolutely not! You keep property needed for a financial fresh start. Most personal property and household goods are safe class. There are different exemption systems that define what you can keep. We perform a complete review of your assets to determine which exemptions are best for you.

Will My Employer Be Notified?

Employers are not notified when a Chapter 7 or Ch 13 case is filed. It is, illegal for an employer to discriminate against a person because he or she has filed for debt protection.

What Will Happen To Me Once I File For Bankruptcy?

When you file for any type of bankruptcy you receive the protections of the “Automatic Stay” provisions of the Bankruptcy Act. It is then illegal for your creditors to attempt to collect monies from you without going through the Bankruptcy Court. All lawsuits, garnishments and telephone calls to your home, or place of work, must stop immediately at the moment of filing!

How Long Will It Take?

  • The majority of Chapter 7  cases take four to six months.
  • A Chapter 13 wage earner bankruptcy will take from three to five years to complete.

What Will It Cost?

The filing fee charged by the Court for every Chapter 7 case is $335.00. There also credit report fees and fees for two on-line courses that must be taken to complete the bankruptcy process. Legal fees vary depending on the complexity of the case. For example, business bankruptcies then to be more complicated then those filed by individuals.  Quotes can be given after an initial free case evaluation interview. For a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy (those involving several card debts) attorney fees start at $1,200.00.

Special Situations

Student Loans  /  Foreclosure

What Should I Do If I Think I Need To File?

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