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No doubt about it. Life can throw you curve balls. Loss of a job, a Covid furlough, medical emergencies or family separation can cause havoc to a monthly budget. Debts grow larger and larger. If this is your situation, debt relief, and a financial fresh start, can be achieved by filing bankruptcy. In most cases, debt relief can be obtained without any loss of property. Contact Attorney Ted Koban.


Will I Lose Everything I Own?

Absolutely not! You keep property needed for a financial fresh start. Your retirement account, most personal property and household goods are protected. Equity in a home can be protected up to $500,000.00. We perform a complete review of your assets to determine which exemptions are best for you before we file.

What Will Happen To Me Once I File For Bankruptcy?

When you file for bankruptcy, you receive the protections of the “Automatic Stay” provisions of the Bankruptcy Act. It is then illegal for your creditors to attempt to collect monies from you without going through the Bankruptcy Court. All lawsuits, garnishments and telephone calls to your home, or place of work, must stop immediately at the moment of filing!

What Our Clients Have To Say

Attorney Koban is a Martindale and Hubble “Distinguished” attorney, which means his fellow attorneys have ranked him highly in terms of his legal ability and ethical standards. Please feel free to checkout the reviews former clients have posted:

Bankruptcy is a Difficult Time

“Ted Koban will treat you with respect and understanding. he explains every step of the process and you will feel in control with his expert guidance. Phone alls and emails were always promptly returned, the paperwork was perfect. The fees are reasonable with no surprises. He knows your case and is genuinely concerned with getting the best results. Nothing but top ratings for Attorney Koban.”

Ch 7 BK Filing

I contacted Mr. Koban about a Ch 7 BK filing and knew right away I made the correct choice. Mr. Koban offered excellent council throughout my entire case, answering every large and minor questions immediately, so I was never left worrying about an issue. Everything during the filing went smoothly and Mr. Koban helped me cover every single base so the filing and 341 meeting went smoothly. When it came to the 341 meeting, which I hear is what most people fear the most, Mr. Koban and I had communicated so thoroughly beforehand that the meeting was a breeze. A BK case can be scary and daunting, I highly recommend having Mr. Koban in your corner.”

Post-Divorce Bankruptcy

“Ted handled my post-divorce bankruptcy case. It’s a really intimidating decision to make – I assume that we all feel a bit like a failure to be in the position where it seems like the best or only option. I enjoyed that he had a sense of humor at our initial meetings and made me comfortable in taking the steps that would ultimately help me shape a much better long-term financial life. I recently completed my 5-year plan, and am very grateful to have had his sound advice along the way. I thought everything was very prudent and timely, and handled in a highly respectful and personal manner.”

Amazingly Smooth Process!!

“Me and my wife at the time were referred to Ted and I couldn’t have been more pleased. He was knowledgeable, organized, and made the whole process easy and non-frightening. I highly recommend him.”

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